Website Design - The Basics

Pricing...Where do you start? What is Flash? What is html?
Websites can vary from being free to costing thousands of pounds. I offer different types of sites: Online brochure style, dynamic flash site, Blog sites, Joomla and e-commerce: which can use both html and flash. (Take a look at some recent Work) Here is a brief resume of the types of sites:

Web Design - your online brochure 
I am a Basekit Professional Designer, as well as Wix flash designer. range depending on the size of project, design input, copy etc.. They start from a very basic 5 page site @ £300 to over £2500 for a more detailed site. The brochure style site can be a flash site, a Wordpress site, or even a Blog site using something like Google Blogger or Wordpress.

Design time typically depends on your budget, so let me know what you can afford, and I will let you know what I can do for it. Great if you want a cool attention grabbing online presence - this is your company brochure on the web. Once it is designed - I hand over the site so you can make future changes and alterations.

Blog website - The New style of website
A blog website is a great way of getting going - If you want a site on the web quickly, and you want to be able to use it as a site to communicate on a regular basis then consider a Blog site. Prices start from £250 - You can have a look at my BLOG website, where you will also see some other examples.

Website Design: e-commerce your online shop 
Designing and creating a website is often a challenging problem for most companies - e-commercesites are more expensive than my Basekit websites. Typical prices start from £500 to £3500. Have a look at some of the examples that I have created for suctomers. Talking through a project is always the best starting point - then I can create a budget price for you. I will often use Magento or Tiger Commerce for these type of websites.

For larger projects I offer a design visual FREE of charge to show you what I can do, and so that you can get a feel for my design style. Click on my examples to see some current work.


EMAIL ME or Call me on 01386 853344

New Business - Small Business?
If you have a new business that needs one or all of my services, and you would like a general run through of what I can do for you, then please contact me by phone, email, skype.

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