Design, Logos and Branding

I tend to work on a project rate for most jobs. I also offer an hourly rate of £35 per hour. Input from you is very important so that we can agree on what you are expecting, and cost the project accordingly - whether its a website or logo design.

Digital and Litho Print: I can get very competitive prices on many different items of print.mers. Talking through a project is always the best starting point - then I can create a budget price for you. For larger projects I offer a design visual FREE of charge to show you what I can do, and so that you can get a feel for my design style.

Marketing and Brand Design

You may be a small business that needs some Marketing help - I can be your marketing arm, and arrange all of your marketing material from printed collateral, to website and Blogs, Press releases, Avdertising and Exhibitions. Typically I start with a small busines and as that business grows, so too does the level of input from me.

Do you need a monthly creative marketeer that you can call on every month? Would you like some help creating a monthly budget so that I can provide a service to you each month? I offer a Pay as You Go Service - so you can spend what you want, when you want. Flexible - that's me!

Managing your BLOG site or Website

Part of my day is Blogging - I manage a few Blog sites for clients, and ensure that they are kept up do date. I also manage and maiantain websites. This may involve SEO work (search engine optimisation) SES (Search Engine Submission) Keyword analysis, Press releases, and general housekeeping.

Typically working with customers who can't afford a full time marketing team, but need some advice, skill and practial help with their buiness marketing efforts. Click on my examples to see some current work.

EMAIL ME or Call me on 01386 853344

New Business - Small Business?
If you have a new business that needs one or all of my services, and you would like a general run through of what I can do for you, then please contact me by phone, email, skype.

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